Bird River Mines Inc.
Bird River Mines Inc.

Well Filling
Bird River Resources Inc. operates an environmental service business which provides the sealing and closing of abandoned water wells throughout the province of Manitoba. The Company’s primary client is the Government of Manitoba, Conservation Department – Environmental Services.

Abandoned or unused wells pose a great threat to the safety and quality of groundwater drinking water supplies. An unused well provides a direct path for contaminants and pollutants to the underground aquifers that supply working wells. An open and forgotten well can definitely be a concern for safety.

Bird River Resources Inc. also distributes diatomaceous earth absorbents and sodium bentonite. The diatomaceous earth is a benign product used as an absorbent for extensively containing and absorbing industrial oil and chemical spills.

Bird River Resources Inc. is pleased to offer a well filling and sealing service. Please contact us for more details.


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